New Song Demo – Worthy – Julie Smith

Hey, Tribe!

This is a song written by a talented singer/songwriter named Julie Smith. I contributed a few bars to it as well. I hope you enjoy.

This one came together much differently than other songs I’ve recorded. I didn’t spend a ton of time on pre-production. I knew that this song would be synth heavy so I started out by playing with different sounds until I came across this echo-ey piano sound with a gentle layered synth sweep. I built the whole track around a piano riff that sort of popped into my head from playing with that sound. I really enjoy the KeyRig software from M-Audio. It alone was worth the $99 that I paid for the keyboard controller it came bundled with. To this, I added:

Warm Pad – also from KeyRig
Bass Pad – Roland GrooveSynth
Kalimba – Roland GrooveSynth (with echo/delay)
SIDE NOTE: I didn’t know what a kalimba was until just now when I went and googled it. It doesn’t sound anything like it looks.
Percussion loop – Toontrack EZDrummer cocktail kit
Shaker track – audio loop
Air synth (choir aahs) – Roland GrooveSynth
Follow lead synth – Dreamstation Analog Synth
Bass guitar – Cakewalk Studio Instruments
Acoustic guitar
Electric guitar (two tracks – clean and dirty)
Drumkit – Toontrack EZDrummer – this was my first time with this virtual instrument and I really enjoyed working with it. It sounds great!

To this, Julie sang a lead vocal and some doubles in places for emphasis. She also sang one harmony pass and I sang a harmony.

Effects plug-ins on this were fairly simple:

  • Reverb aux track for basic instruments and vocals,
  • In-line EQ on most channels to get them to play nicely together
  • Compression on lead vocal, acoustic guitar, and drum kit
  • Distortion and analog tape simulation on bass guitar to give it some presence without overbearing volume.
  • De-esser on lead vocal
  • Chorus aux track for background vocals to give them some shimmer and presence without the need for more volume
  • As always, Boost 11 final-stage peak limiter on the master bus to glue the whole mix together.

Is there any part of this you would like explained further? Don’t be shy.


About Toby Baxley

I am a songwriter, artist, home studio owner, and BBQ chef. Hang out a while and let's have some fun and make some music and food.
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2 Responses to New Song Demo – Worthy – Julie Smith

  1. Kimberly Scheibe says:

    Toby and Julie, This is an amazing song! God bless you both.

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