Simplicity Is the New Complexity

I don’t really know what that title means but seemed to make more sense than “Single-Mic Recording Is the New Black”. What I mean to say is this: In our quest to create intricate and complicated mixes, let’s remember that it starts with a great song and a great performance. No amount of studio trickery can cover up a bad song. There’s a rule of thumb in cooking and recording that says, “The fewer the ingredients, the better those ingredients have to be.”

Check out this video by Gungor. They started with a great song and chose to record this acoustic version around a single microphone. Great song + great performance + great mic & placement = great recording.


About Toby Baxley

I am a songwriter, artist, home studio owner, and BBQ chef. Hang out a while and let's have some fun and make some music and food.
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One Response to Simplicity Is the New Complexity

  1. Toby Baxley says:

    Admittedly, Michael’s voice could have been more present but this is still really enjoyable to listen to.

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