Why Am I Doing This?

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog you may be asking, “Who is this guy and why is he writing a blog on home studio demo production?” Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I ask myself the same questions.

I did not go to school to study studio production, although that was a part of my course of study in commercial music. I have always loved music and writing songs. Over time, I have found that I enjoy the recording process just as much.

From two-track cassette recording in high school to my feeble first attempts at MIDI sequencing about ten years ago, my learning curve has been a roller coaster over the last few years and I am constantly looking for ways to improve. I have found over the years that my greatest improvements have been in technique. Sure the technology advances have made the workflow and process more efficient but, as I’ve said before, good technique is more important than good technology to getting good results. I’m happy to share with you the new things I’m learning and show you the simple steps to make quality recordings at home.

I encourage you to comment on the posts and let’s have a conversation about topics that are important to you. Perhaps, over time, we can learn from each other and have some fun and make some good music in the process.

Question: What questions do you have about programming MIDI and recording audio?


About Toby Baxley

I am a songwriter, artist, home studio owner, and BBQ chef. Hang out a while and let's have some fun and make some music and food.
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2 Responses to Why Am I Doing This?

  1. Ben says:

    Are you the same Toby Baxley that’s got music up on PraiseCharts.com? I love your stuff.

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