Hello world!

Welcome to the SongDemoTips.com blog. Check back often for tips and tricks for the home studio. I use Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio for my production and I will tell you why in a future post. I will also give you a tour around my glamorous home studio and let you know why you don’t need to spend a fortune to sound like you did. 😉 Although I am on the PC platform using Sonar, many of the techniques I will share with you will be relevant on any platform.

Let’s make some music!


About Toby Baxley

I am a songwriter, artist, home studio owner, and BBQ chef. Hang out a while and let's have some fun and make some music and food.
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Ryan Dahl says:

    Looking awesome Toby. I can’t wait to see this site unfold. There is nothing like following your passion and dreams. You’re the man for this!

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